Susanghan Boiler

Innovative reduction of heating costs by 30~50%!
Reliable Susanghan Heating, Susanghan Boiler

Advantages of dry heating

100% water heating

Reduce floor noise

Increase insulting qualities

Excellent compatibility

water leak

A day installation,
A day heating


EPP material

5 specialties of Susanghan Boiler

No worries on noise when installing indoor
with patented BLDC PUMP
Small sized ultra-low noise boiler (Wall mounted type)

2m of power to push
water vertically!
Save 40% of heating costs with
rapid circulation of hot-water

Automatic water makeup
Separate heating
to the right and left

Distributor is mounted
inside the boiler
Efficient utilization of space
is available
(Up to the fourth quarter)

Temperature of water tank
Able to control from 25 degree to 70 degree
Able to control room temperature by 32 degree

Price of Susanghan Boiler
Types of boiler Floor space Size Price
0.5Kw Less than 1 pyeong KRW 100,000
1Kw 2 ~ 3 pyeong 2nd quarter KRW 286,000
1.5Kw 3 ~ 4 pyeong 2nd quarter KRW 308,000
2Kw 4 ~ 5 pyeong 2nd quarter KRW 330,000
2.5Kw 5 ~ 6 pyeong 2nd quarter KRW 352,000
4th quarter* KRW 396,000
3Kw 6 ~ 8 pyeong 2nd quarter KRW 374,000
4th quarter KRW 418,000

*Installation of the 4th quarter of electric boiler will increase the heating effect with high thermal efficiency in case the area is large.

Built-in Regulator

1Kw │ 1.5Kw │ 2Kw │ 2.5Kw │ 3Kw

External Regulator

1Kw │ 1.5Kw │ 2Kw │ 2.5Kw │ 3Kw │ 4.5Kw │ 6Kw
※ Adjustable from a distance

Hot-water heating system

Heating materials

Hot-water panel
(Required 4 sheets for 1 pyeong)

12mm or 15mm of heating hose is used
depending on the board thickness

Heating hose
(25m for 1 pyeong)

Gauge External diameter 12mm, Internal diameter 8mm
External diameter 15mm, Internal diameter 12mm

Thermal conducting steel sheet
(Required 4 to 6 sheets for 1 pyeong)

Strong steel sheet with excellent thermal conductivity
that is durable even when truck is on top of it

SPC floor

Advantages of SPC floor

100% waterproof

ZERO contraction and expansion

Eco-friendly material
(No radon)

Self-assembly installation

Excellent thermal conductivity

Luxurious interior

Dry hot-water heating set(In case of self-installation)

Heating set including SPC floor Total thickness: Approximately 26mm

Example of detailed price for 1 pyeong
(KRW 40,000 per pyeong will be imposed when installing by head office)

Oak / white / gray from top to bottom.

Example of estimated costs for installing dry heating
in 1 pyeong
(Including SPC floor)

Composition Self-installation Installation by head office
1 pyeong dry heating set
(Hot-water panel + heating hose + steel sheet)
KRW 125,000 KRW 165,000
SPC floor material for 1 pyeong KRW 50,000 KRW 85,000
Total estimated costs including finishing materials for 1 pyeong KRW 175,000 KRW 250,000
Boiler should be purchased separately according to floor space

Actual cases of installation

House, pension, villa / Glamping, camp site / New and extended remodeling / Mobile home / Container /
Studio, accommodations for students / postnatal care center / Nursing home / Daycare center / Jjimjilbang / Attic, rooftop house / Golftel

(It can be compatible with the product you have.)