Susanghan Boiler

BLDC PUMP, a patented self-developed product is mounted, distributor is mounted inside the boiler, water tank with no joints allows zero leakage

Existing boiler

New boiler

※ New boiler is touch-type product.

Feathers of new Susanghan Boiler
Medium-sized boiler / Small-sized boiler
  • Operated clearly with LCD
  • Mobile remote control is available (Using application)
  • Freely adjustable for voltage

BrushLess Direct Current Motor

  • It is a BLDC motor mounted in Susanghan Boiler.
  • It is a motor that increases durability and has no problem for high-speed rotation.
  • Size of motor is small and not heavy.
  • The motor doesn’t increase noises or its performance is not degraded even when it is used for a long time. And precious speed control is available and energy efficiency is high, making it economical.
Photos inside Susanghan Boiler
Inside photos